Bohodar Kotorovych (1941-2009) – founder of the orchestra

was a renowned Soviet violinist. Kotorovych completed his education at the Moscow Conservatoire under Prof.Yankelevich.

During his student years he received top prizes at the George Enescu and  Paganini Competitions.

After his return to Kiev, Kotorovych firmly established himself as a leading Ukrainian violinist and pedagogue.

He was a jury member at some of the worlds prestigious competitions such as ARD , Tchaikovsky, Nielsen, Paganini.

During those years he was also a visiting Professor at the Sydney Conservatoire.

Kotorovych taught a whole generation of talented Ukrainian string players ,formed a chamber orchestra ” Kiev Soloists” out of his best students and has had a large influence on the Ukrainian school of violin playing.

During his lifetime he was a recipient of Ukraine’s numerous top prizes and merits for his dedicated service to arts and culture.

“Many orchestras possess skill,

but not all put your hearts up yet.

The Kyiv Soloists do it.”


Violinist, Founder of “Kyiv Soloists”.