Welcome to the 23rd concert season with Kiev Soloists chamber orchestra!

Dear friends and colleagues ,

During our first joint season of 2017/2018 the National Chamber Ensemble ” Kyiv Soloists ” shall be presenting a variety of world- class soloists in a selection of mainstream repertoire designed to please our audience with top level of music making both in Kiev, around the country and abroad.

This year we will be welcoming renowned cellists Garry Hoffman, David Geringas as well as a member of a younger generation of top cellists – Julian Steckel.

One of the most talented and charismatic pianists Alexandar Madzar and a wonderful Jeremy Menuhin whose performance had to be postponed from last year.

The season 2017/2018 will open together with one of the best violinists and a dear friend – Nikita Borisoglebsky. Newly written works are essential part of every musical season worldwide and here , in Kie, we shall be presenting new music by highly regarded composers Anatolijus Šenderovas (Lithuania) Vladimir Genin(Germany) as well as Ukrainian grands – Stankovich and Silvestrov ,dedicating performances to their upcoming anniversaries.

In terms of non- mainstream collaborations there will be a surprise debut of one of the most interesting and highly regarded oud virtuosos Joseph Tawadros which surely will interest fans of jazz and improvisation.

I wish the orchestra a successful year together and look forward to seeing our audiences at every of our performances together.

Sincerely , Valeriy Sokolov